Arrange for asbestos abatement services in New Haven & Fort Wayne, IN

A lot of older homes have asbestos lining the walls. This material was often used for insulation before people knew it caused chronic lung diseases. Now, Yoh Remediation, LLC takes care of asbestos containment for homeowners in New Haven, IN and the Fort Wayne area.
Asbestos containment is often more cost-effective for homeowners than asbestos removal. When you call on us for this service, we'll:

  • Wrap pipes to contain asbestos
  • Treat your floors and tiling
  • Cover your insulation and ductwork

Learn more about asbestos containment now by speaking with our owner.

Leave the asbestos removal to us

Our asbestos containment services will protect you and your family from this toxic material. It's a good idea to have asbestos containment done before you start a remodeling or renovation project, as disturbing the ceiling or walls can expose you or a construction crew to asbestos. When you call on us, you'll often get same-day service.

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